The studio will be restructuring its business model and marketing a bit in the next week or so. It is our intention to attract other creators and photographers into our space and it has come to our attention that Three Bears Creative as a portrait studio may not have been a good choice. So as with everything else in life sometimes it is best to head back to the drawing board.

From now on Three Bears Creative will be a collaboration of posts from all those creators who participate in our events or who rent space and are our in-house affiliate creators at the studio. (Hint: We are currently looking for those few creators and drafting tenant lease agreements and those founder tenants will receive discounts leading into the future)

From now Michelle Beckley is rebranding to Heartfelt Photography and will be our first tenant. Her works will be advertised and posted as frequently as any other tenant would be as soon as she is caught up with her marketing rebrand

I hope that you keep following our journey and possibly coming in and sharing your personal creative process.




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