For anyone who knows my children these images will seem as amazing to them as they do me! That is because my children are sweet, kind and extremely busy. My sweet Bella, who has had a variety of health challenges since birth, is in process of diagnosis for ADHD. Bella NEVER stays still. It’s not possible, even when she wants to. Pictures of Bella are often blurry even with a fast shutter speed. To photograph her you almost need to be a sports photographer. She is like a beautiful little hummingbird flittering from one flower to the next; sometimes barely visible to the naked eye.

Im used to many of the “family photos” I take of us not to turn out well as none of them are keen on staying still. But sometimes the heavens all align and things turn out like this….


I need to get more of pictures of Gillian and some of myself with everyone but this is a great start. I must admit we had a lot of fun playing at the studio for a fun family night!


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